The plan is to arrive at Bridlington on the afternoon of Friday the 30th of November, get myself squared away in the B&B at Bridlington. Then I’ll make my way to Flamborough Head in time for sunset. It’s around 6 miles away from Bridlington so I could walk, catch a bus or taxi. There is lots of photo opportunities at Flamborough, with the lighthouse and the coastal cliffs. If the weather isn’t great, I’ll be going for the moody shots.

Then early Saturday morning, I’ll head back out to Flamborough Head again, for the sunrise. Sunrise is at 0756hrs on the Saturday, so it means an early start to get there on time. After sunrise, I’ll go back to Bridlington and have a walk around, I’ve got no shots planned in Bridlington but I know there are lots of interesting subjects there.

I’ll get plenty of chances to use my new 100mm ND filters while I’m there so that’s something I’m looking forward to. I love spending time on the coast too, even at this time of the year! On my return I’ll be going through all the photos and if I manage to capture any that are good enough, they will be going in the shop section, to purchase as canvas, framed or unframed prints.

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