Moving house, time for some new prints!

Moving house, time for some new prints!


The house we are buying is ready to move into, it’s nicely decorated and we love it. We’ve ordered some new furniture for the new house and have started packing and de-cluttering 15 years worth of stuff we’ve amassed in our existing house. So the photography trips aren’t going to be as common till we get moved and settled in the new house.

We do want to put our own stamp on the new house though, in the form of some new prints. So I’ve got the ball rolling on that and have been looking at some of my existing photos to have framed or printed on canvas. I’m not the most decisive of people when it comes to things like this so it’s not easy.

One down, few more to go…

I’ve already had one of my photos printed and I framed it the other day, that one is taking pride of place in the dining room. The photo below shows it on the wall at our current home. The print is 730mm by 487mm, there is a snow white 80mm passeportout mount and the frame is brushed bronze foil with a width on the profile of 61mm.

I tried a different paper for the print, using a paper called Hahnemühle Photo Rag. It’s really heavy paper and was well worth the small extra cost. The colour reproduction from the digital photo to this print is great too, so I was really happy with the end result.

The photo is one I took whilst on a camping/ photography trip to the Windermere area of the Lake District. I took this shot at the Millerground Landing area on the East shore of Windermere. This was my last shot of the day before I headed back to my tent for the night.  I think the frame works well with the photo.

More to come…

We aren’t hanging many photos on the walls around the new house, we don’t want it to look cluttered. So we’re carefully picking some photos or looking at taking some new ones. My wife wants an up to date photo of our two daughters, we have a canvas print of a photo I took of them both several years ago. Our eldest isn’t keen on it as she’s changed so much. So I’m going to do some portrait shots of them both and have them printed on canvas. This canvas will be hung in the living room. Then for the stairs I’m thinking of printing some of my black and white shots in around A4 size and framing them, three or four should do and have them hung on the stair wall.

Available to purchase…

If you would like some original photographic wall art pieces for your home or office, please do be sure to check out my shop pages. All my photographs are available as framed or unframed prints, I only use gallery grade materials and ensure each print and frame is of the best quality. If the framing or size options aren’t what you need, please do get in touch and I’m sure I can deliver a product based on my prints that you need!

Over to you...