I’ve not been able to get out to the Peak District at all since February, it’s one of my favourite places to hike and spend time taking photos. With work and family commitments it’s been nigh on impossible to free up some time. I’ve managed it this weekend though, so I’m off to Edale on Sunday, where I’ll be meeting my friend. We’re hiking up Mam Tor and along the Great Ridge. It gives me the perfect opportunity to try out the new bag too.

My new bag, the Lowepro ProTactic 450 AW


This is a daytime hike, so I’m not going to get golden hour shots. The forecast is looking hot and sunny, so the lighting isn’t going to be ideal for landscapes. I’ll work with what the weather slings at us though. The plan is for some ultra wide landscape shots, as well as possibly some macro shots too. I know the area pretty well and what to expect in terms of potential subjects.

I’m looking at spending a couple of nights at a campsite in Edale over the next few months, so I can get the golden hour shots I want from Mam Tor. The sunset shots means descending Mam Tor in failing light so I’ll be making use of a head torch and getting down as quickly and safely as I can.

If I manage to get any interesting shots I’ll post them on the site in the gallery section. I’m really looking forward to getting out to the Peak District again, a chance to stretch the legs and try out some techniques I want to experiment with!

Over to you...

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