Photo Shoot at Winnats Pass

Photo Shoot at Winnats Pass

Winnats Pass is a hill pass and limestone gorge in the Peak District. Its located just to the west of Castleton, in the National Trust’s High Peak Estate. The name Winnats comes from ‘Windy Gates’, as one of the windier entrances into Castleton and the Hope Valley.

I’m going to be spending the night near Winnats Pass so I can be there for dusk and dawn. I’ve got a couple of options for accommodation, I can either wild camp somewhere or spend the night at Rowter Farm campsite. I’ll be catching the train to Edale, then walking over Mam Tor towards Winnats Pass so I won’t be carrying all my camera gear, just the essentials.

The shots I’m really hoping to get are a good cloud inversion shot and a good long exposure shot with car light trails. Failing those, some good golden hours shots will do nicely! If I get time I’ll most likely have a wander while I’m there, there are plenty of photo opps to be had locally.

The weather is going to dictate when I go, I’m hoping for some clear weather this weekend, if so then I’ll be heading out there.

Over to you...