Ladybower Reservoir at Sunset #2

Ladybower Reservoir at Sunset #2
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My good friend and I decided to do a one night wild camp on Bamford Edge in September, we also decided to do a hike before getting up on to Bamford Edge to make camp for the night. We hiked 20 miles that day and by the time we got up on to Bamford Edge we didn’t have long to wait for the sunset. My feet were sore, I was knackered and ready to hit my pit but the whole point of the trip was so I could capture the sunset over Ladybower Reservoir. It wasn’t long after I took this photo though that I did get my head down and I slept like a baby too! The summit of Win Hill can be seen centre left of the image, with Ladybower reservoir centre right. I feel my friend and I worked hard for this image!

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