Landscape Photography Vloggers, my favourites!

Landscape Photography Vloggers, my favourites!

Thomas Heaton

Why Thomas?

I found Thomas’s Youtube channel a few years ago and have followed him on there ever since. Thomas is a British photographer living in the north of England. I like the fact that Thomas presents his videos in a warts and all fashion and is honest about when things aren’t going right on the day or about any mistakes he’s made. That’s important for me as I can learn from that myself. He often visits some stunning locations but does travel the UK too.

He breaks down why he’s taken the photos he has and the techniques he uses to achieve the creation he wants. So that helps to understand the whole creative process behind an image better. I like the minimalist style he has too. He updates his channel regularly and I don’t think I’ve missed an episode since I first subbed.

You can find Thomas’s Youtube channel here:

Gavin Hardcastle

Why Gavin?

Gavin is a British photographer living in Canada and is lucky enough to have some jaw dropping locations fairly locally to him, which he takes full advantage of. He presents his videos with some humour mixed into the throw which I enjoy and it makes it refreshing to watch. Like Thomas, he does offer a warts and all attitude when creating his videos and that’s important for me.

I’ve been subbed to Gavin’s Youtube channel for a good few years now and I watch every episode. When he’s not plugging his book on the videos (not too often but often enough to be noticed 😉 ) he offers some great photography content and visits locations I’d love to visit!

You can find Gavin’s Youtube channel here:

Mads Peter Iversen

Why Mads?

Mads lives in Denmark and I really seem to connect somehow with the images he creates. I love his personal style and I find quite a lot of inspiration in his videos. Being a hobbyist photographer, I would love to be at the level any of these photographers mentioned on this page are at but especially with Mads. Some of his images I would walk through hot coals to try and achieve!

Mads has a calm presentation in his videos and he offers a great insight into the processes he goes through. I’ve been watching the series of videos he created on landscape photography in Iceland, seeing as I’m flying out there on Tuesday next week. They’ve offered me some ideas of how to approach some of the locations I’ll be visiting. I’ve followed Mads on Youtube for a long time now and watch every video he publishes.

You can find Mad’s Youtube channel here:

Adam Gibbs

Why Adam?

I started watching Adam’s videos after seeing his do some collaborative videos with Gavin Hardcastle. Adam is very calm and collected in his videos, which I enjoy. I’ve watched some American photography vloggers and their over enthusiasm and shouting all the time really puts me off. So Adam’s style suits me well. Like Gavin Hardcastle, Adam is British and living in Canada.

Adam creates some stunning images and he offers a great insight into his creative processes. Like the other photographers mentioned already, he goes to some locations I’d love to visit, which makes me jealous in some ways! When he visits locations he can really work the area to find stunning compositions, I’ve learned quite a lot from his videos and really enjoy them!

You can find Adam’s Youtube channel here:


Other vloggers?

I often watch Youtube videos relating to photography in my down time, especially when I’ve come off a night shift and can’t sleep. I find it relaxing and informative. There are a multitude of photography vloggers out there. Some offer a more technical aspect, with kit reviews and how to’s. I prefer watching photographers at work in the field though, without getting bogged down with the technicalities and learning more about the creative processes. The photographers I’ve mentioned here fall into that category.

If you have an interest in photography, especially landscape photography I would highly recommend the guys mentioned here, but those mentioned are my favourites, there are many more you could watch too. I couldn’t mention all the photography vloggers I’ve watched but Youtube is a great asset for any budding photographer, you can learn a lot from watching the content on there. There are a lot of publishers who put out rubbish but there are some real gems too, definitely worth a sub!

Do you have a favourite photography vlogger?

Please do share in the comments section below. I’d love to hear about who gives you inspiration or you can learn from!

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