Scouting Locations at the Peak District

Scouting Locations at the Peak District

I like to scout potential locations before I commit to spending time there as the best times for landscape photography are in the golden hours, just before sunset and sunrise. To be in these remote locations at those times for me usually means a wild camp near or at those locations. So scouting before committing makes sense to me.

Higger Tor 1The hike I have planned takes in woodland, moorland and some rocky sections too, so there is a bit of everything thrown in. From Grindleford I’m heading for Higger Tor, which is a gritstone tor that overlooks the Burbage Valley. Then from there I’ll be heading on to Carl Wark, an iron age hill fort.

Finally, it’s back to Grindleford, along a different route to make up a circular route. This area of the Peak District is new to me, I’ve spent most of my time in the Hope and Edale valley areas, so it’s going to be great exploring pastures new!

While I’m out hiking I’ll be trying out my new smartphone, the Huawei P20 Pro. The cameras on this phone are supposed to be market leading so I’ll be putting the phone and its cameras through its paces.

I’ll also be carrying my DSLR and a few lenses along with my tripod. There are some natural water features in the wooded area that I’ll be photographing so that means some ND filters and the remote shutter too.

Over to you...