Shooting locations for the summer

I need to find places that are pretty local to me in South Yorkshire. I’ve been looking at what other photographers have done in the areas that interest me as inspiration. Some of the photos I’ve seen from the areas below are stunning!

Peak District
The Peak District is definitely on the cards. I’ve spent lots of time in and around the Edale and Hope valleys but I want to explore more there. I’ve never been to the White Peaks area, so that’s somewhere I’ll be heading. When I go to the Peak District I usually camp over and make a weekend of it.

Another place I want to go to is Flamborough, for some dramatic cliff and sea shots. The lighthouse at Flamborough could make for some great shots too. If I do go there, I’ll be camping at a nearby campsite, so I can get sunrise and sunset shots. I would like some long exposure shots but I’ve got quite a few ideas.

Sheffield is a definite go to place for me this summer, for some street photograpy, cityscape and architectural photography. The winter gardens could offer the chance of some macro work too. I like Sheffield, I studied there at the University of Sheffield. It feels really modern in the centre but there are lots of older buildings with great character.

My home town. I want to do some night long exposures with traffic light streaks but I don’t think the town centre would be any good for this, so I may do this at one of the motorway bridges and there are a few to choose from in Doncaster. I walk regularly along the River Don, so there are plenty of options and opportunities for shoots while I’m walking there.


Over to you….
Where are you headed for your shoots? Are you travelling far? Do you have any goals this summer? You can share where you’re planning to shoot over the summer by using the comment form below.

Over to you...