Trying new genres

I love taking landscape photos as it means I get to spend time in some stunning locations. So now I can’t go out I needed to find another channel for my photography. I decided to try other genres, such as macro, still life and portraiture. I’ve roped my kids in a few times to get involved as it kills a bit of time for them both too.

I like a challenge

To keep myself motivated through the self isolation, I decided to set myself a challenge of taking at least one good photo a day. I started out great, but over the last week or so I’ve been up to the neck in web development work so I’ve not managed it every day. I’ve been cleaning and organising my camera kit though and other stuff.

Staying positive

This is a big thing for me, especially as my two daughters are stuck at home with me. It would be so easy to wallow in self pity but that’s not how I was raised. So keeping busy helps, whether it be with my photography, the web development work I do or more importantly spending time with my family and trying to make some happy memories together.

No-one knows when this lockdown is going to end or even how its going to end, so making the best we can out of a bad situation is whats important.

Some of my lockdown images…

Over to you...


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