Wild Camp & Photo Shoot on Kinder Scout

Wild Camp & Photo Shoot on Kinder Scout

The Plan

I’m leaving Doncaster tomorrow and getting the train to Sheffield, from there I’ll get the train to Edale. Once at Edale I’ll be heading out on the Pennine Way and following that to Jacobs Ladder. I’ll be walking up Jacobs Ladder onto Kinder Scout. If I’m honest this isn’t my favourite route up on to Kinder Scout, I much prefer Grindsbrook Clough. I’ll be carrying all my camping and photography gear though and Jacobs Ladder is an easier ascent for me when I’m loaded out with all the kit.

Once up on the plateau, I’ll be heading for Kinder Downfall. I’ve got my water filter and chlorine dioxide drops to filter and purify water along the way, so I won’t need to carry as much water as I usually do. For meals I’ve got composite rations with some snacks. I’ve got a couple of locations in mind that are spot on for pitching my tent, I’m taking my MSR Elixir 1, it’s a one man with loads of room in it for me and my gear. I can sit up in it easily too so it’s perfect for my wild camps. As usual, I’ll be adhering to the golden rule of wild camping, leave no trace.

I’m hoping to get some nice shots along the way, I haven’t planned any shots, I’ll just be playing it by ear. I’ll have all day to kill so there is no rush if I want to stop to take some shots. I’m only carrying my DLSR body, the ultra wide lens and my filter kit on this trip, no tripod or other lenses. The aim is to travel as light as possible. I’ll be taking some shots at sunset and if I manage to haul my backside out of my tent in time, I’ll be taking some sunrise shots too.

Then in the morning I’ll grab a quick breakfast before breaking camp, clearing my area and heading back to Edale station. I might stop off at the cafe for a bacon buttie, it’d be rude not to!

New kit to try

I’ve been using a North Face 65l rucksack for my wild camps, it’s over four years old now though and has taken some beatings. So I decided to buy another rucksack to replace it. I’m not going to deny it, I love Fjallraven kit, I have the Keb jacket and trousers, a 35l daysack and some other kit too. They have served me very well, being hard wearing and comfortable, so when I saw an Abisko 65l rucksack for sale at half price on Amazon, I snapped it up. This will be the first hike I’ll be using the Abisko with but I’ve had it loaded out and it feels really comfortable. The suspension system feels really good and offers support in the right places so I’m not expecting any dramas with the new rucksack at all.

Photo Keepers

If I manage to capture any images I really like, I’ll be putting them up in the shop, for sale as unframed, solid wood framed and glazed prints, or printed on stretch frame canvas.

Over to you...