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Who am I?

My name is Stuart, I live in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. I’m a family man, so like spending time with my family. I have two daughters who I’m intensely proud of. They are both adults now and are both sensible and caring young ladies. I work for Yorkshire Ambulance Service as a non clinical team leader but when I get downtime I love spending time with my camera.

I was born into the army life, my late dad was a soldier with the British Army. My dad’s last posting was in Menden, what was then West Germany. I loved it there and being part of the army life. Two days before my 11th birthday, we lost my dad, aged 38 years old, and we came back to start a new life in civvy street. It was hard, trying to process our loss and deal with the culture shock of transitioning from the army life to civvy street. My late mum was the rock and glue that kept us together though, sadly she passed away in 2023, aged 78 years old.

I have four good friends who I go on adventures with around the UK, we usually camp or stay in youth hostels and have a good laugh when we’re together. My wife hates camping and isn’t into mountain hiking so she’s happy for me to toddle off with the lads every now and then. I think she enjoys the peace!

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My Family, mates and me