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I’m Stuart and I’m a photographer and I’m passionate about photography. I started out many years ago in photography with an old disk film camera I was given as a present in the mid 80’s. Since then I’ve built on the equipment I use. I have professional DSLR bodies and a range of lenses, studio equipment and lots of other tools I use daily in my work.

I’m a firm believer that the person behind the camera is the most important factor when taking photographs, you can chase the latest and greatest cameras, lenses and other equipment but these are tools at the end of the day. Experience, a willingness to experiment and learn are much more important.

I sell prints of my photographs, from this website and also via social media. The photographs are available printed on professional gallery grade paper and can be framed with solid wood frames with glass glazing. They are also available as canvas prints on a sustainable sourced wood stretch frame. I want my photos to look great on any wall!

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Available on stretch framed canvas, solid wood framed or unframed prints. Free UK Delivery.

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My latest photography related blog posts. Sharing, discussing and offering my opinions on photography equipment, locations and all other topics related to photography.

Bridlington and Flamborough Shoot

Bridlington and Flamborough Shoot

Photo Shoots   14th Nov, 2018

I’ve been wanting to go to Flamborough Head for a while now, there is a campsite near there which I was going to stay at. That’s shut now for the winter, so I’m going to stay in a B&B in Bridlington instead. I’m heading out on the 30th of November and returning on the 2nd of December. I want to get some good seascapes at Flamborough and harbour and beach shots at Bridlington.

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Wild camp on the Great Ridge for golden hours photography

Wild camp on the Great Ridge for golden hours photography

Photo Shoots   1st Nov, 2018

I’m heading out to the Peak District again tomorrow, this time I’ll be doing a photo shoot of the Great Ridge and wild camping near or on Mam Tor. The weather is looking OK and I’m hoping for a good sunset and sunrise.

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New ND Filters for landscape photography

New ND Filters for landscape photography

My Kit   28th Oct, 2018

I’m steadily adding to my kit list and as anyone who’s into photography will know, that is hardly ever cheap! One thing I wanted to add pretty quickly was some gradual ND filters. I’ve got a cheap and cheerful set but they don’t come without problems, so I’m upgrading.

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Photography, It’s all about capturing moments

I take photos to capture moments that mean something to me, to capture objects, places or events in time that interest me. I enjoy sharing my photographs with those who may be interested in them. My primary interest in photography is landscapes, I love hiking and taking my camera along with me when I’m hiking to try and capture the essence of a location.

My photos are available as Canvas Prints with wooden stretch frames, solid wood Framed Prints or as Unframed Prints. I make only a small profit to help with my costs from each sale. If you would like to discuss my prints or would like to obtain them in a format not available on the shop pages, please do feel free to contact me.

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