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I’m Stuart Boardman, I’m a photographer and I’m passionate about photography. I started out many years ago in photography with an old disk film camera I was given as a present in the mid 80’s. Since then I’ve built on the equipment I use and my skill set. I enjoy all forms of photography, especially landscape and outdoors. I've combined my passion for photography for my other great interest, hiking and camping. When I do go outdoors I always take my camera with me.

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Gone full on Sony

Photography Gear   21st Apr, 2024

In the last few years I’ve changed camera systems a few times and never really been happy with the changes. Is that still true with the latest change?

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General Photography   19th Apr, 2024

So I like to watch photography vloggers a lot, it can offer inspiration and ideas for me or even teach me some new techniques within my own photography. So I’ve listed my favourites and why they are my favourites, in no particular order. All of the photographers have bodies of work I’d love to achieve!

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Photography Trips   6th Mar, 2023

So I came back off a camping and hiking trip to a location I know very well and love spending time at. For this trip I left my camera gear at home, as I wanted to focus on getting a good hike in and enjoy some downtime.

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