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I’m Stuart Boardman, I’m a photographer and I’m passionate about photography. I started out many years ago in photography with an old disk film camera I was given as a present in the mid 80’s. Since then I’ve built on the equipment I use and my skill set. I enjoy all forms of photography, especially landscape and outdoors. I've combined my passion for photography for my other great interest, hiking and camping. When I do go outdoors I always take my camera with me.

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Thornton Force Waterfall

Landscapes   29th Nov, 2022

My friends and I went on a two night hiking trip, we hiked Ingleborough and and also took in the Ingleton Waterfalls Walk. Thornton Force was the most impressive of the waterfalls for me. It costs £8 to do the walk but it’s worth it I think.

Derwent Dam

Black & White Landscapes   29th Nov, 2022

I took this photo while on a walk with three friends in the Lake District. It’s of Derwent Dam on Ladybower Reservoir. On the day of the walk there was a storm, which meant high winds and lots of rain!

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Photography, It’s all about capturing moments

I take photos to capture moments that mean something to me. To capture objects, places or events in time that interest me. I enjoy sharing my photographs with those who may be interested in them. My primary interest in photography is landscapes, I love hiking and taking my camera along with me when I’m hiking to try and capture the essence of a location.