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Boardman Photography - Photography


Practising my photography relaxes me and allows me to take my mind off things. It's something I enjoy a lot. I may not always get the shot I want but thats not always the most important thing to me. Sometimes its just enjoying the moment, the location or the people you're with.

Boardman Photography - Hiking


I love getting out in the middle of nowhere and just concentrating on getting from A to B while taking in the surroundings and scenery along the way. Whether it be solo or with friends or family, hiking means a lot to me.

Boardman Photography - Camping


Sleeping out in a tent, bivvy or hammock is something I really enjoy. Whether it be on a campsite or wild camping it doesn't matter, I still enjoy the experience. I get out as often as I can which isn't as often as I'd like really.

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Photography, It’s all about capturing moments

I take photos to capture moments that mean something to me. To capture objects, places or events in time that interest me. I enjoy sharing my photographs with those who may be interested in them. My primary interest in photography is landscapes, I love hiking and taking my camera along with me when I’m hiking to try and capture the essence of a location.